About Dandapani

Hindu priest and meditation teacher, Dandapani is of Sri Lankan descent. Raised in Australia, he graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Deeply inspired by his family's spiritual traditions, Dandapani had firm foundations upon which, at the age of twenty-three, he chose to live as a monk. Thus he followed his guru, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami to Kauai's Hindu Monastery in Hawaii. After being initiated as a monk by his Satguru, Dandapani studied a wide variety of Hindu teachings that focused on meditation, yoga and spiritual philosophy as keys to unfolding his own and others' deepest potential through personal self effort.

Dandapani believes these teachings are as relevant today as they were in ancient times. He has experienced in his own life, and has seen in the lives of others, how these highly practical spiritual guidelines can bring about personal changes that can be sustained.

In 2008, Dandapani's monastic vows expired and he chose to venture out on his own after living as a monk for ten years. Dandapani currently lives in New York City. He travels frequently, sharing the teachings of his guru in workshops and spiritual adventures in the US and around the world working with individuals, groups and organizations.

Dandapani recognises the ongoing, developmental nature of a person's spiritual journey. He creates warm, respectful and fun places of exploration and training, and offers assistance to individuals, groups and organizations in spiritual and ethical development through:

  • - youth and adult education,
  • - personal mentoring and spiritual direction,
  • - seminars, retreats, workshops,
  • - adventures to destinations of cultural diversity and spiritual richness