Testimonials from Corporate Wellness Events

Many thanks Dandapani

The feedback I have received was overwhelmingly impressive - for many EO'ers, it was their best EO event ever attended ! So, thank you....!

Looking forward to spending time with you when you are next in Australia.

Kind regards
Michael Matthews, Learning Chair West Australia, Entrepreneurs' Organization

It isn't everyday that you meet someone who has the grace and knowledge to introduce the concept that "you perhaps simply don't know what you don't know". Apart from being enlightening I found Dandapani's thinking practical, useful and applicable to my everyday life, which makes it so valuable.

Dandapani presents simple and practical ways to harness and balance your greatest business asset, your mind. This is one of the most memorable presentations I've been to in a long time.

I thought I knew a lot about breathing and my mind etc but this seminar has transformed my task focus, awareness and productivity at work and at home. I feel much more peaceful and effective at all the things I have to do with a small child and my business!

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