Many thanks Dandapani

The feedback I have received was overwhelmingly impressive - for many EO'ers, it was their best EO event ever attended ! So, thank you....!

Looking forward to spending time with you when you are next in Australia.

Kind regards
Michael Matthews, Learning Chair West Australia, Entrepreneurs' Organization

We have traveled to India twice with Dandapani. He has enabled us to gain access to splendid Hindu worship services and to meet many holy and fascinating people. He is a wonderful guide who is sensitive to the mystical aspects of Hindu worship and has helped us to understand many aspects of Hinduism and Indian culture. We have traveled to India six times on our own, so we know just how many things can go wrong. Dandapani handles all unexpected circumstances with great panache and never loses his cheerful demeanor. He is a delightful travel companion.

Lindsay Boyer, New York, USA

I think it was Rudyard Kipling who said, "I travel for travel's sake." Not many of us have the privilege of saying that. We travel for a reason. When the travel is to another land, so to speak, and the reason is 'study', we want the experience to be free of any and all hassles, focussed fully on the purpose for which we came.

Travelling with Dandapani ensures just that and I speak from the experience of having been on both sides of the table with him. On a cruise through Europe, I was a participant that could just sit back and truly enjoy the cruise and the varied experiences both on and off board. On the trips to India, I was one of the cogs in the big wheel that he turned to ensure a similar experience for everyone here.

Dandapani scores highest on attention to detail. His weakness, if one can call it that, is that he aims for the near-impossible. That he manages to pull it off with the ease of basking in the sun on a sandy beach is something you have to take my word for ... till you get on the next trip with him and see it for yourself. Do remember to write me about it!!

Sheela Venkatakrishnan, Chennai, INDIA

Dandapani about to teach a class

In February 2009 I went to a meditation workshop given by Dandapani in New York City. I did not have big expectations for the class but I had friends going and signed up in solidarity. Not only did I love the teachings I learned that day but they inspired me to take Dandapani's trip to Northern India that March so that I could learn more. As a result of the excellent experience I had traveling and learning with Dandapani I plan to go back. Not only to India but to any workshops Dandapani teaches in the future.

During the two weeks that I spent under Dandapani's care I was supremely well taken care of. Not only were all logistics (transportation, hotels, what to eat (or not eat), safety) taken care of but Dandapani used his extensive knowledge and contacts to create an itinerary of sights and experiences that as a first time visitor I would never even have known were options. We experienced everything from a rare Hindu ceremony specifically performed at a Delhi temple for our benefit to a surprise tiger safari and eco lodge stay in the remote, beautiful, and peaceful area of Panna, outside Khajurajo. Every day there was a new surprise served up by our fearless guide with a smile and a hint of mischief. And every day we gathered as a group and learned a little more about the teachings of Gurudeva, Dandapani's teacher and guru, that I personally love and have found to be so helpful in my life. The practices I learned on this trip were concrete, approachable, and immediately applicable. By practicing daily the teachings I learned I have created new patterns that have positively affected all aspects of my life.

One last benefit of doing this trip is that Dandapani has become a friend as well as a teacher and guide. On the trip we often talked during free time about the days events or some concept from the teachings that I was trying to grasp. Dandapani is approachable, engaging, spiritual, mischievous, down to earth, and sure footed in his role as group leader, teacher, and friend. I highly recommend taking any trip he organizes or class he teaches.

Brittan Blasdel, New York, USA

"Thank you for the workshop. The tools you offerred were quite literally the tools to set the foundations for healthy enriching relationships. Apart from your practical words of wisdom, you speak a language that flows from your presence and the feeling that you are aligned with your purpose, and not affected by modern ADD. Your energy is strengthening, calming, reassuring and healing.

I thank you for spending time in the monastery, for the lessons you have learned from your teacher, and your desire to pass them on to people outside of the monastery.

I am grateful for your wisdom and truly feel that something bigger than me put you on my path when I ran into you."

Giulia B, PhD.

"I want to thank you for your very insightful and enriching seminar held here in San Diego at that lovely location. Your way of expressing complex relationships and emotions in simple terms is extremely helpful. Of course it can apply to my own life but I also work with refugees through the IRC International Rescue Committee. Most of these people have experienced trauma. Your way of describing life experiences having an emotional component connected to it made it tangible and understandable. Not only for myself, but it gave me tools to help communicate with the people I work with. Please let me know when you will be doing seminars in the future. Thank you."

Judy A. Bernstein, California, USA
Author of the Los Angeles Times Bestseller "They Poured Fire on Us from the Sky"

"The truth in all great adventures is a fine line between security and a totally new experience. As the coordinator of Himalayan Academy's 2001 Northern European Innersearch travel-study program through several countries, Dandapani acted as the security of a trusted companion and leader. More importantly, he also provided each of us with a place from which to travel into new unexplored terrain. Those new places that are within each of us, that are often only found in the mystery of a new country. Thanks Dandapani for an unforgettable journey that changed me profoundly and for the better"

Jai Weiske PT, Sedona, AZ, USA
Former physical therapist for Gurudeva Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

Dandapani was our tour guide in 2006, for a two week trip to Australia and New Zealand. He was highly organized, reliable, and knowledgable. Dandapani booked airline, train, bus, and hotel reservations for a group of 45 people moving every 2-3 days. The hotels were luxurious and comfortable and all three meals each day were delicious. We were amazed at how flawlessly all went under Dandapani's skillful direction and leadership as we proceeded from one event or tourist attraction to another. He was always upbeat and ever ready to help or make us smile with a cheerful comment. He managed to make each day special and memorable, providing us with new sights, inspirational teachings, and spiritual guidance. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip, one of the richest experiences of our lives.

Rudolph Tanzi and Dora Kovacs, Boston, MA, USA
Professors of Neurology at Harvard Medical School

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