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Post Tour

5 Day Exploration of the Spice Trail

For those of you who can stay on longer, join us for an additional five days as we explore the Spice Trail. We'll leave the dry plains of Tamil Nadu and make our way west and up the Sahyadri Mountains into the state of Kerala to the small town of Thekkady. From here we'll cross the great divide of the south as we make our way through this state, tasting Keralan cuisine, exploring its lush forests and jungles, stocking up on an array of spices before ending our post tour in historic Fort Kochi.

tea plantation
spices in periyar

Thekkady (Periyar), Kerala

Periyar in the western ghats of Kerala in South India is a refuge of rolling hills, lush green forests, amazing wildlife and countless tea and spice plantations. The western ghats or Sahyadri Mountains run north to south along the western side of India. These hills are the perfect getaway from the heat of the south during the summer.

We will settle down for 2 nights in this quiet town on the edge of a 925 square kilometer rain forest. Nature rules here as we are surrounded by a plethora of amazing plants and wildlife. The Periyar National Park and Tiger Reserve host a large number of plant and animal species that are unique to this area only and nowhere else in the world.

Photos below shows the drive down the Sahyadri Mountains from Periyar.

traditional indian meal


Alleppey is home to the famed backwaters of Kerala. The backwaters, a 900-km network of waterways, borders the coast and makes it way far inland. For centuries, houseboats and canoes roam these backwaters supplying the main mode of transportation for locals. Now, it is one of Kerala's main attractions.

A ride along these canals edged with arching coconut trees and endless greenery is scenic and leisurely way to see the villages, religious centers and locals going about their daily routine. We will also enjoy walks through the neighboring villages, learn some of the local arts and enjoy sumptuous Keralan food.

Photo on the left shows our group enjoying a traditional Keralan lunch served on a banana leaf.

fort Kochi kerala

Fort Kochi

Our journey ends in the historic port town of Fort Kochi.

For centuries Fort Kochi has been visited by traders, explorers and conquerors. The Portugese, Dutch, British, Chinese were among those that have visited and left imprints of their culture in this small but richly historic town. We'll explore Fort Kochi with its Chinese fishing nets, the Dutch palace, Jew town, Portuguese church where the great explorer Vasco da Gama was buried and the remnants of the British Raj.

Photo below shows one of our groups in January 2010 learning how to cook a traditional Kerala meal at a local's home. The feedback was that it was one of the best meals they had on the trip.

Learning a indian cooking class at Phillipkutty farm in Kerala south india
Vedic odyssey's group in kerala in south india

Our post tour begins in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, on the 28th of February and concludes on the 3rd of March in Fort Kochi, Kerala. The post tour is a total of 5 days and 4 nights. International departures may be booked out of Kochi International Airport.

The cost of the post tour is USD980 per person based on double occupancy.

Photo shows a group on the final night on one of Vedic Odyssey's previous spiritual adventures to South India.

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