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Dandapani and Markley Boyer

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Join us, Dandapani and Markley Boyer, on this South Indian Spiritual and Culinary Adventure. We've both traveled to India many times and, needless to say, it is a destination we love very much. We'd love to share with you the temples, priests and monks we know well, plus the amazing food for which India is renowned around the world. Our passion for cooking Indian food has inspired us to create this itinerary for you - a perfect blend of spiritual and culinary experiences.


During our spiritual adventure Dandapani will be conducting classes on meditation, sharing with you about Hindu culture and traditions, and the mysticism behind temple worship. Join him in meditations and millennia old mystical ceremonies in the inner sanctums of ancient temples as we journey within. Click this link to read more about Dandapani.

dandapani teaching class
mark and lindsay

Markley Boyer

Markley has traveled to India frequently over the last 20 years, often with his wife Lindsay. Initially drawn to the country by its food, he has become interested in all aspects of Indian religion, philosophy and culture. Markley will guide our exploration of Tamil cuisine, helping to put the food traditions of South India into context and to understand the fundamental ingredients, cooking techniques and use and blending of the characteristic spice mixtures.

markley boyer

He has traveled extensively in Tamil Nadu and sought out unusual local recipes and ingredients from hotel chefs, street vendors and household cooks. He has studied Indian cooking with numerous teachers, both in India and in the US, and is particularly interested in the historical development of Indian regional cuisines. He is currently working on a book about Indian food.

Recently, he helped set up a project to digitize thousands of palm leaf manuscripts in the collection of the French Insitiute in Pondicherry.

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