Classes and Activities

Inner and outer explorations

Every year it is good to take a little time out and go within in a more concentrated way. This spiritual adventure is set up to be a relaxed journey, in a quiet, peaceful retreat setting to allow you to dive within and get to know who you are. And when we are not in class we'll explore the local culture and foods, head off on fun excursions and much more.

Each participant will receive a personalized study guide with material that I'll be covering during this journey. We'll have classes almost daily. These are warm, respectful and fun times of inner exploration and study. It's about working towards the change that we seek and learning how to create a lifestyle that can sustain this change.

We can't tell you all the fun activities we have planned but here are a couple that we are willing to share with you.

Village Exploration by Bicycle
On one of the mornings we'll head off on bicycles down through 10 km of lush valleys passing by Javanese villages, green rice fields and gorgeous mountain backdrops. We'll have a local expert accompany us all the way and explain the history of the land, the culture and its people, to give us a deeper insight on life here. This excursion is totally optional.

Gedong Songo
On one of the days we'll explore Gedong Songo, a group of ancient Hindu shrines located on the slopes of Ungaran Mountain about 1300m high. These complex of Hindu temples were built by the Sanjaya Dynasty in the beginning of 9th century. The shrines are small and understated but the setting is extraordinary. The shrines cling to slopes with bewitching views of Merapi and Merbabu, two of Java's smoldering volcanoes.

Beach Time
We'll have the most beach time when we are in Lombok. Lombok and the Gili Islands are great for snorkling and diving. You can rent gear in most of these places but if you have your favorite pair of snorkles you may as well bring them along.