Central Java

11 days, Sept 13-23, 2012

From Lombok we fly west, over a multitude of gorgeous islands and volcanic craters below, to the island of Java arriving in Yogyakarta, the islands' heart of art and traditions, and where the Javanese language is at its purest. Yogya, as the locals call it, serves as an entry point for us to this amazing island that was the center of Indian civilization in this region over a 1,000 years ago.

From Yogya, we head northwest to Borobudur where we will spend four nights. Here, nature has carved a mesmerizing lush landscape embroidered with mountains and towering smoldering volcanoes leaving man, over 1,200 years ago, to build Borobudur temple, the crown on what is a feast for the eyes.

Our resort is strategically located a few kilometers from Borobudur Temple allowing bewitching views of this temple over iridescent rice fields. Besides Borobudur, Central Java is a hosts to countless other temples including the spectacular Prambanan Hindu temple, Mendut and many smaller shrines that hug the slopes of towering mountains.

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