Indonesia's ancient Hindu heritage

The 9th century Prambanan temple complex is a classic example of south Indian temple architecture that has a flavor of local traditions and an outstanding display of Hindu art.

Three magnificent temples grace the main complex and they are dedicated to Brahman, Vishnu and Siva. The temple to Siva is the largest and the most intricately carved. It is located between the other two temples and boasts a 47m high gopuram, tower. Within the sanctum of this temple is a magnificent statue of a four-armed Siva. One will also find statues of Ganesha, Durga and the sage Agastya. Sadly since the 2006 earthquake the entrance to the Siva sanctum has been closed. You can still have access to the sanctums of the other temples and you'll find massive statues of Brahma and Vishnu within.

In front of each of these four temples are three smaller temples that house statues of Brahma. Vishna and Siva's vahana (that which carries/a vehicle, typically an animal). Only Siva's vahana remains. A beautifully carved Nandi graces the sanctum of this smaller temple flanked by statues of Surya, sun, and Chandra, moon.

Remnants of 244 smaller temples can be seen outside the courtyard stretching one's imagination of what it must have been like 1,200 years ago.

Prambanan temple