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Kumbha Mela

Kumbha Mela in Allahabad

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A 13-day epic journey to the Kumbha Mela and across North India

The map above does not shy away in reminding us that our spiritual adventure will take us almost all the way across north India. A massive distance to cover with a great many things to see in between. It also tells us that most of our travel will be by train. 4 train rides in total including an overnight ride which is always fun. I love traveling by train in India and have always felt it is one of the best ways to see the country and to interact with the locals.

Below is a summary of our itinerary.

Dates: 4th to 16th Feb, 2013
Duration: 12 nights, 13 days

Date Day Summary of Events

Mon, 4-Feb

Day 1

Our spiritual adventure begins. More about Kolkata.

Tue, 5-Feb

Day 2

Kolkata to Varanasi
We journey west overnight by train, one of the great Indian travel experiences for sure, to Varanasi.

Wed, 6-Feb

Day 3

We arrive in the morning, check into our hotel and explore the old town and the ghats along the river. We'll begin our study here as well. More about Varanasi.

Thu, 7-Feb

Day 4

We continue our study, explore more of Varanasi including a pre-dawn boat ride on the Ganges and a visit to a silk factory.

Fri, 8-Feb

Day 5

Varanasi to Allahabad
We leave this ancient city and head further west to Allahabad, another holy city in this region, made sacred by the meeting of the mighty Ganges and Yamuna rivers. It is here that the grand Kumbha Mela festival will take place.

Sat, 9-Feb

Day 6

We'll spend the day exploring the town, meeting with sadhus and taking in this massive festival. More about the Kumbha Mela.

Sun, 10-Feb

Day 7

The main bathing day of the Kumbha Mela which will see the largest crowd in this almost 3 month long festival. Elaborate parades, song and dance, are just a small part of this amazing day.

Mon, 11-Feb

Day 8

Allahabad to Panna
We board a train in the morning and head south to Panna National Park. Here we'll stay for 3 nights to rest and study after much traveling and festivities. Beautiful stone cottages, spread out along a small stream on 190 acres of private jungle wilderness will be our sanctuary to absorb the great experiences of our travel. More about Panna National Park.

Tue, 12-Feb

Day 9

A day doing absolutely nothing.

Wed, 13-Feb

Day 10

Today we'll explore the jungles of Panna by jeep and also the spectacular temples of Khajuraho. More about the temples of Khajuraho.

Thu, 14-Feb

Day 11

Panna to Agra
From Panna we head northwest by train to Agra, home of the famed Taj Mahal. More about Agra & the Taj Mahal.

Fri, 15-Feb

Day 12

Agra to Delhi
Morning sunrise at the Taj Mahal then after lunch we head to India's capital, New Delhi, where our spiritual adventure concludes. More about New Delhi.

Sat, 16-Feb

Day 13


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Varanasi boat on the Ganges River