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Subject Matter

Clear, simple, practical tools that can be implemented in every day life for a positive change that can be sustained.

Individuals are trained how to use these tools with a follow-up self-evaluation system that enables them to monitor their progress based upon their personal self-effort.

Subjects range from understanding the mind, developing will power, learning how to concentrate, working with unresolved past emotional experiences, relationships, family life, planning your life, budgeting your energy and much more.

The sessions are warm, respectful, fun and interactive places of exploration and training.

Educational Material

Each attendee at my workshops or retreats receives a full color 54-page study guide. These graphically rich, beautifully laid-out and typeset guides contain all the material that will be covered during the workshop or retreat. The study guides also contain numerous practices that individuals can take home and implement in their daily lives. These practices come in the form of monthly self-evaluation worksheets within the study guides allowing each individual to evaluate how well they are implementing the practices in their every day lives.

I believe that creating a self-evaluation practice for individuals allows them to monitor how well they are implementing what they've learnt, and observe changes based on the effort they put into it.

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