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Indian Cooking Class

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Many people think that Indian cooking is complex and too difficult to learn with its multitude of spices, seemingly long preparation methods and more. In fact Indian meals are some of the easiest to prepare. In this hands on class, you'll learn about the various spices and the simple methods used to create delicious Indian vegetarian dishes. After our cooking extravaganza we will partake in these sumptuous dishes and for those of you that are keen to learn the age old art of eating with your hands this will be the perfect opportunity.

The ingredients for these recipes can be acquired in local stores in the Vail area making it easy for you to repeat this meal for your loved ones. You will also be provided with a printout of the ingredients and techniques used for each dish. We will learn how to make 3 Indian vegetarian dishes.

Join us for a delightful and educational culinary evening that will inspire you to make authentic curries at home.

Click this link for some delightful Indian vegetarian recipes.

Indian cooking class in Colorado

When & Where

5:30pm to 7:30pm on
14 Apr 2011

Location to be announced

Cost & Reservation

$40 per person. Cash or checks only. Please make checks out to "Vedic Odyssey"

To reserve, contact Kelly Western
(e), (t) 781-405-4559 or

No experience in Indian cooking needed.

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