2 workshops on Sunday

Journey of Awareness

Sunday, 15 Apr 2012 (10am to 12pm)

This workshop is an exploration of the journey of awareness through this and many lifetimes. We'll explore karma, reincarnation, chakras, the astral body, sleep and dreams. The workshop provides an introduction and some simple but highly effective tools to support your spiritual life based on these topics.

Life, the Direction of Energy

Sunday, 15 Apr 2012 (1pm to 3pm)

Life is a direction of our energy. A sound understanding of the subtle forces within us is essential in controlling and directing them in order to create the lifestyle we want. This workshop dives into the study of the physical and pranic bodies plus the masculine (pingala), feminine (ida) and central forces (sushumna). We will also explore the little known basic laws of transmutation through the redirection of the sexual forces, control of speech and breath, and learn simple tools to harness and direct energy in our daily lives.

"...You're the BEST! Thanks so so much for all of your teachings. They are honestly so applicable to life and I really appreciate that. You are awesome and hilarious but also teach amazing lessons that have stayed with me for the past 3 years and will remain with me in my mind throughout my life. Thanks also for looking out for me and asking if I was alright after that serious discussion. It's great to know that there's someone to talk to…"

When & Where

Yoga Off Broadway
422 McIntire Street
on the corner of HWY 6 and 4th street
Eagle, CO
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Cost & Reservation

$40 per person per workshop. $35.00 Early Bird for each workshop (or both for $60) upon registration and payment by 6th April.

Cash or checks only. Because of limited seating we suggest reserving your seats in advance.

To reserve, contact Kelly Western
(e) kelly@yogaoffbroadway.org, (t) 781-405-4559 or
(e) info@vedicodyssey.com

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