An article from the Chicago Tribune.

Research shows daily attention to mind-body dynamic reduces anxiety, strengthens immune system. Newer research from the University of Wisconsin shows a meditation habit can strengthen the body’s immune function, plus increase brain performance in the form of electrical activity. It validates the mind-body dynamic of meditation.

To gauge immune function, the researchers measured antibodies in the blood that fight flu and other infections.

Volunteer subjects in the study who meditated had significantly higher levels of these healthful antibodies than nonmeditators in just one to two months. In fact, it is interesting to note that participants who meditated for two months had significantly higher levels of antibodies than individuals meditating for just one month.

Results for brain-wave activity were even more amplified. The region of the brain most activated by meditation is the left frontal area associated with positive emotions and anxiety reduction.

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Eagle, Colorado, USA.

The weekend visit to Colorado was truly uplifting. Eagle was the place that I had given my first workshop little over a year ago and it was nice to be back there. So many familiar faces and some new ones. The first workshop on Saturday was titled “Relationships” and the one on Sunday morning was titled “Beginning to Meditate”. A total of 57 people attended both workshops. The workshops were held at the beautiful Yoga off Broadway studio. Special thanks to Kelly Marshall, owner and lead instructor of the studio for organising the event and Linda for working tirelessly to put everything together. Click here to view photos from the workshop.

Workshop at Yoga off Broadway, Eagle, Colorado

Workshop at Yoga off Broadway, Eagle, Colorado

The workshop on relationships covered topics such as how to attract people into your life, how to choose the right partner or friends, how to resolve conflicts, understanding the role of men and women in a relationship, learning to listen, how to speak about your partner in public, adultery, and more.

The workshop on meditation covered topics on understanding how the mind works, learning how to concentrate, working with the subconscious, creating positive mental patterns, simple breathing techniques, meditation guidelines and more.

Thank you to all of those that attended the workshops and for your insightful questions