Sharing a meal in an Indian household is one of the best ways to connect to the culture. The food is prepared with love from family recipes passed down through the generations. A simple meal of rice and two or three vegetable preparations, eaten off the traditional banana leaf in South India is healthy and delicious and easily prepared back home in the western kitchen (well, maybe without the banana leaf!) On our trip to South India in February we will enjoy several home-cooked meals with local families.


For sure one of the highlights of our spiritual adventure so far. We rode on camel carts through the village, past farming land into the Thar desert. Set up a campfire and watched the sunset, enjoyed a delicious dinner and wonderful company. The scenery and atmosphere was ineffable. Enjoy the photos below.

On camel carts ready to head out into the desert

The beautiful ride takes us through the village, farming land and then into the Thar desert

We arrive at our evening campfire's absolutely breathtaking as we watch the sun set over the Thar desert

One of our camel cart drivers


Our 3 days in the village of Chandelao in west Rajasthan, India, was truly amazing. Here are some photographs that I took over the course of our stay here during many of my walks in and around the village. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed photographing these wonderful and friendly people. Our spiritual adventure in Northwestern India continues.

Girls at the lake at dawn.

Getting water from the well.

Almost like a scene out of Jungle Book.

Morning prayer, worshipping the sun.

The shoe maker

Happy children curious to see foreigners

The road home...sunset on the outskirts of Chandelao.


We’ve been out of touch for the last couple of days as we’ve been in a remote village in western Rajasthan. We left New Delhi on the 27th of Oct night by train which is always fun in India and headed to Jodhpur arriving about 7:30am the next morning. From Jodhpur we drove about an hour east to the truly remote village of Chandelao.

And what a magical place this is. Truly untouched and a gem in the desert. Here we stayed for 2 nights and 3 days. During this time we spent many hours exploring this village and neighboring ones as well, diving into our study and just enjoying being in such a remote place. Here are some photos from our train ride and first few hours in Chandelao Garh our home in the desert. More photos to come.

Enjoying the view from the train at dawn as we head into Chandelao.

Our train zipping through the desert

At our beautiful hotel in the desert...Click the link above to learn about it. Highly recommend it,

A beautiful mural of Ganesha at the entrance to the main building

Local villagers

Sumptuous village meals.......soooo delicious!

Block printing









The Diwali celebrations at the Golden Temple last night was truly spectacular. The half hour fireworks show was breathtaking and we positioned ourselves on top of a nearby hotel to get the best view possible. After the show we headed into the temple to join the thousands already there. It is estimated that over half a million people gather at the Golden Temple for the Diwali celebrations. Here are some photos from our group’s attendance at the celebrations last night.

Sharing photos with the locals.


The 2011 Diwali festival was celebrated in grand style at the Golden Temple. Just a few hours ago we captured scenes from the celebration. Amritsar, India.