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We will no longer be updating Vedic Odyssey. If you would like to continue to subscribe to our blog please visit www.dandapani.org/blog and subscribe again to the blog there. You’ll see a place to enter your email on the upper right hand side of the blog page to subscribe. Thank you for subscribing to Vedic Odyssey and we plan to continue to share more on spirituality, photography and travel with you.

new website for vedic odyssey dandapani


Happy Tamil New Year everyone. It’s the year 5114 according to the Tamil calendar. We are well into the future of futures.



I wanted to share with you a movie I watched recently called “Watching Water“. It was filmed and edited by my dear friend Jo Tyrrell. Jo, originally from South Africa, is a film maker, photographer and artist who now resides in the UK.

Jo Tyrrell

Jo Tyrrell

A brave endeavor in my mind for her first film, Jo did it all on her own. Countless days and weeks of filming, editing and who knows what later she’s produced an inspirational film that unveils what surfing means to surfers. Her will to see this through inspired many people along the way to step in and help her in different ways such as granting her interviews (she interviewed some top world champion surfers in this film), lending equipment to premiering the film at Quicksilver headquarters in California. Congratulations Jo. A job well done. Check out her website and do watch the film by clicking this link “Watching Water“.

On another note, Jo will be joining me on this upcoming spiritual adventure to help me document parts of the journey. We hope to have some footage available for you to see in the coming weeks so you can virtually experience one of our spiritual adventures.


We’ve been doing some work on our blog to improve it over the last couple of weeks and hence I have not been blogging. But I’ll resume blogging now that I am on the road again and our next spiritual adventure begins this Friday. You’ll see some changes in the blog in the coming weeks and we hope that it will add to a better experience for all of you who visit the site.


Wishing you good health and a spiritually rewarding year. Happy new year!

New year greetings from Vedic Odyssey


Recently the online wellness magazine, Well and Good NYC, reached out to me and asked for my thoughts on “the importance of doing nothing“. Read the full article here. (Part of the article that appeared on Well and Good NYC is shown below)

Well and Good NYC interviews Dandapani

A segment of the full article


A New York based online wellness wire service, Well & Good NYC, recently interviewed me to get some insights on how you can use meditation to de-stress your vacations. Here’s a link to the article titled “3 tips for a stress-free vacation“.