In this video Gary Gilman from Colorado shares about his experience of traveling on Vedic Odyssey’s 2010 The Himalayas spiritual adventure through the Himalayas of Nepal and North India in October. He shared the journey with 16 other travelers from various countries on this 16-day experiential exploration of the mind and some of Nepal and North India’s most enchanting locations.

Our creative itineraries and travel-style lends to an ideal blend of deep spiritual exploration, experiences and adventure travel. Our classes on the journey take us into the study of Hindu philosophy and mysticism, and ways to implement practical yogic tools into your life to bring about the change you seek. Vedic Odyssey’s next spiritual adventure is to Kerala in South India in April 2011.


Jonathan from New York joined our 2010 South Indian Odyssey in January as we made our way through the rich cultural states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Here he shares his experience of being on a Vedic Odyssey spiritual adventure.

Vedic Odyssey's 2010 South Indian Odyssey spiritual adventure to tamil nadu and kerala on a meditation and yoga retreat.

The group poses for a formal photo on the last day of our spiritual adventure through South India in January 2010.