Going through my archive of photos I came across these images that I had taken a couple of years back in Rajasthan, India. Most of these photos were shot on the outskirts of Jodhpur in small villages. I applied a particular style to these images to give them the look that they have below. These styles were applied in Adobe Lightroom 4 initially using “Matt’s 300 Look – Soft” (by Matt Kloskowski) preset then modified to give them the final touch below.

Rajasthan children hugging each other, India

rajasthan-mother-and-child India


On July 6th I did a blog post of photos of Indian children I photographed in the little town of Nagaur in northern Rajasthan. Here are a few more photos of kids from that town. The town truly is in the middle of the desert and the only highlight besides the wonderful people is the amazing 1700 year old fort.


I enjoyed my time in the little town of Nagaur. Located 2 hours north of Jodhpur in state of Rajasthan, India, Nagaur is a little oasis in the desert with literally nothing around it. And there is nothing to do in this town other meets its people and get a flavor of local life. And the one place to stay is Ranvas Nagaur, the 4th century fort which has been partially converted to a boutique hotel.

On the evening we arrived there we explored the town and here are a few photos of some of the locals I photographed.

old-woman-rajasthan-india in town of Nagaur

Drinking chai, Indian tea, is a favorite indulgence for most locals.

The metal pot maker holds up one of his latest pieces.


I’m in a little town 2 hours north of Jodhpur in the state of Rajasthan, North India. On an excursion yesterday evening in town I encountered so many children with bright smiling faces and sweet shyness. Here’s a small collection of photos for now. Thanks for a great evening kids!

India children rajasthan in town of nagaur

rajasthan-children-nagaur india

children-nagaur-rajasthan-jodhpur india



I came across this photo in my collection as I was preparing for an upcoming retreat in India at the end of this month and I thought I’d share it. It was taken in a mud hut outside the village of Luni in the outskirts of Jodhpur in Rajasthan, North India.

Bishnoi tribe in Rajasthan, boy, child


This photo was taken late last year in village called Khejarla in the state of Rajasthan in northwestern India during our spiritual adventure there. Khejarla is located about 90 minutes west of Jodhpur and is a little tiny town that you could drive by and miss if you blinked. In fact it is actually a good drive off the main highway so most people don’t even know it is there.


As the year comes to a conclusion I thought I’d share, over the remaining days, some of the photos that I took this year that stood out in my mind. Here’s the first set. Four photos taken during our most recent spiritual adventure to north India.

More photos to come tomorrow.


Photographed in New Delhi at India's largest mosque, Jama Masjid.


This photo was taken in the home of a weaver well outside of the village of Chandelao in West Rajasthan. Life's impressions on her face left an impression on my mind that age, indeed, prowls like a leopard and it is wise to take to the spiritual path early on.


As I was walking, early one morning, along the narrow quiet lanes in the village of Khejarla the bright blue doors to a home suddenly opened and this young girl peered out. It's always nice to be greeted with a smile first thing in the morning.


I took our group on an excursion one evening and after an hour of driving we arrived at an even smaller village than the one we were staying in. We were greeted by over 30 smiling, giggling and laughing children that kept running up to us and then running away. A good reminder to adults that it is ok to play. After all, my guru did say, life is meant to be lived joyously.